Ona Joan i Orozco


I’m a product designer based in Barcelona,  focused on sustainability and innovation.

I consider design a mutant, active, and constantly evolving discipline, strongly connected to materials science. This plurality allows me to experiment with the intersection of areas such as art, biology, and technology. In this exploration, I provide knowledge about emerging bio-design and new materials to cultural entities and industries through consulting and participatory practices. 

As previous experience, I highlight the collaboration in the co-design and co-development of product and mycelium materials at Mogu. Consultancies in biomaterials and biofabrication for automotive, product and interior applications. Workshops in collaboration with cultural entities such as DHub Barcelona. Collaborations with design studios on mycelium growth applied to product design. Independent artistic research such as "Surroundings of transcycle" exhibited at Sala d'Art Jove 2020-21.

Relevant studies include the MA in Design through New Materials at ELISAVA, University School of Design and Engineering (Experimenta Grant 2020-21 ), Postgrade in Mention in Research Applied to a Design project, at TGRAF ISEC Lisbon Research Center, and the Bachelor’s Degree in Design at EINA, School of Design and Art.



        Ona Joan i Orozco